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Indie game developer


BODgamestudio is a belgian game studio
founded by Philippe Bodenghien (Phil Bod for friends).

I try to create entertaining and unique games.
But also a reflection on the current world for gamers
who want to see further…

A few words about me

I am Phil Bod and I’ve been a graphic designer for more than 25 years. I live in Belgium (central Europe) in the province of Walloon Brabant and I have been developing the video game “PHILGOOD” under the Bodgamestudio label since July 2017.

With this game, I try to create an unique experience of entertainment and innovation in the world of gamers.

Fortunately, I am greatly helped by my son David (a computer science student at UCL) for the coding part which he masters much better than me.
But for everything else, it’s your servant who takes care of it, including the script, the game design, the graphics, the puzzles, the music and sound effects, the websites, the communication, a little programming and some rotten jokes.


the Game

Don’t miss this new adventure game

that mixes secrets, puzzles and challenges


Now available on Steam in early access

Now available on itch.io


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